Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Report says St. Nicholas Shrine defaulted

On the lookout for corroboration.

(Pappas Post) - Construction at the site of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine at Ground Zero in New York City has been halted by the main construction company because the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has defaulted on payments, according to a letter sent by the company to its subcontractors working at the site.

The letter from the site’s main contractor, Skanksa USA Building, notifies its subcontractors to withdraw from the building site immediately. A copy of the letter was obtained by The Pappas Post by one of the project’s subcontractors that was working under Skanksa and the validity of the letter was verified by Skanksa.

St. Nicholas was the only house of worship destroyed on 9/11 when terrorists struck the World Trade Center. A massive fundraising campaign was undertaken to re-build the church, which was originally founded by Greek immigrants in the early 1900s when the Lower East Side of Manhattan was a thriving ethnic neighborhood.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has been rocked by a string of financial scandals over the past several months when it was revealed that monies from various restricted funds were “raided” to pay for day to day operations.

The complete text of the letter:

“Effective December 5, 2017, Skanska USA Building, Inc. (‘Skanska’) has terminated its contract with The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (‘GOA’), on account of GOA’s defaults in making payment under the Owner Contract. Skanska is demobilizing from the Project site.

Effective immediately, you are directed to stop all Work under the Subcontract, both on and off the Project site. Take measures to protect and secure your Work, demobilize from the Project site, and coordinate your efforts with Skanska’s project team.

If you elect not to remove materials or equipment promptly from the Project site, be advised that you may not be able to recover them later. Contact the Skanska project team concerning the transfer or cancellation of any permits you may have procured for the Project.

Skanska is continuing its pursuit of payment from GOA under the Owner Contract, together with any other remedies it may have on account of GOA’s breaches. We will advise you when there is progress toward a resolution with GOA.
Very Truly Yours,


Thomas W. Perry
Project Director


  1. It's a great lie to call this bloated publicity stunt "rebuilding" the church destroyed on 9/11. It was a very plain, humble building. This was a project to advertise Greek-ness, nothing more. Inflated pride to puff the GOA ego, price is no object. It still is advertising that, just not in the way they expecte it to.

  2. The sad reality is the feast day of St. Nicholas is the 6th. Not without significance.

  3. I am with Bob on this one. The plans for the new temple were hideous. What I saw looked like modernist pile with all the aesthetic charm of a Grey Hound bus station. The silver lining in this scandal may well be that the plans are scrapped or severely scaled back and an Orthodox church temple resembling a parish church with maybe a small garden space for quiet contemplation by non-Orthodox visitors will be built.

    1. Good comment, and broadly applicable to my observation.