Friday, December 1, 2017

Update on the Fr. Nicholas Kastanas case

This is an update to the July story posted here. The priest was removed and the people were very upset. Now the Metropolis of Boston has released its side of things entitled "A Message from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston Concerning St. Athanasius the Great of Arlington, MA." It all seems to center around a 21 year-old fund ("The Saint Athanasius Greek Orthodox Church Homeless & Needy Fund") Fr. Nicholas had management over with no oversight that he reportedly refused to provide any information to the Metropolis about after repeated requests for an explanation.

(GOA-Boston) - Recent events at St. Athanasius Church in Arlington relating to the removal of Fr. Nicholas Kastanas continue to concern many of the faithful in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston. Regrettably, rather than thoughtful discussion of the relevant facts and circumstances, there has been disseminated, through a variety of sources, a series of misguided and untruthful information that has been negative and hurtful to this community.

In a spirit of complete candor, and with required sensitivity to the current pending Court proceedings, the Metropolis has created a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) document and a “Timeline” document to help the community better understand the facts and circumstances that led to the change of pastoral leadership at St. Athanasius. The answers to the questions that follow include the Metropolis’ opinions and beliefs based on the underlying facts, also discussed below.

When reading this FAQ and this Timeline, we ask that you keep in mind the importance of ecclesiastical and institutional considerations that lie at the heart of the Metropolis’ daily activities. A guiding principle must always be to assure the continued vitality of the Church. Together, we are sixty-two parishes serving thousands of Greek Orthodox faithful in New England. Our role is to strengthen and preserve the Church as a continual source of salvation for current and succeeding generations.

It is the Metropolis’ sincere hope that the information provided to you by this FAQ and Timeline now, and in the future, will help answer questions about the Metropolis’ decision to remove Fr. Kastanas from his pastoral responsibilities and recent happenings.

As always, we pray for the guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we reflect upon the life and unity of our community.

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  1. Please, note that there is focused rebuttal of the 'Homeless and Needy' account 'facts' on the blog. The account was not undisclosed, and there were lawful and pastoral reasons for not providing open access to it. Thank you for your interest in this sad story that has ravaged the parish of St. Athanasius in Arlington, MA.