Sunday, January 14, 2018

Maybe don't do this? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I heard a woman speak on Medjugorje many years ago, before I was Orthodox. She was not allowed to speak in the Catholic diocese of Boston and could not use a Catholic church either. I believe that Medjugorge is still not recognized by the Vatican ascauthentic not that that means any thing. There are numerous problems with it. Either a con or occultic in nature are the charges.

  2. I can not imagine that anyone who has read about the matter would suggest an Orthodox organization entertain a discussion on the subject. IIRC correctly there is the prayer to convert all of Russia to Roman Catholicism.

  3. The conversion of Russia was part of Fatima and the RCC organization The Blue Army was formed to pray for the conversion of Russia. If I remember correctly Mary's message was about the conversion of Russia to her son, not the RCC.

    That is on going. I would not rule out that the sincere and fervent prayers of The Blue Army has something to do with that.