Saturday, April 28, 2018

GreatMartyr Euphemia Orthodox Theo. Academy launched

(Orthodox Academy) - GreatMartyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy is an institution of higher learning under the jurisdiction of the Vicariate for Palestinian/ Jordanian Orthodox Christian Communities in the US. The Academy offers a two-year program of study (offered in English and Arabic) leading to the Diploma of Orthodox Theological Studies (Dipl. O.T.S.), and a one-year program leading to a Certificate in Preaching, and advanced courses for clergy and laity which qualify as Continuing Education Courses, both offered in English.

The mission of GreatMartyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy is to serve the Orthodox Church by preparing students for service to the Church. As the only theological academy within the Vicariate, the Seminary welcomes applicants not only from the United States but also from abroad, thereby serving its mission to serve the Church in all corners of the world.


  1. an we need another seminary? why?

    Isn't the MDiv. required by American Institutions? if so, what is the value of these degrees?

    Instead of another seminary, where is our college? our hospital? our museum? etc --- instead of becoming an active part of the fabric of the country in which we reside we choose duplicate what already exists and perpetuate ethno-centricity.

    what a byzantine world we live in

    1. Our college: we have two: St. Katherine's in California which is tiny, but growing and Hellenic College which is fsiling. Museum:St. Nicholas National Shrine in NY a total disaster. Hospitals do not know of any but we do have a senior care home in Florida.

      Considering our horrible ecclesiastical situation, our really small numbers, the inability to apply Orthodox praxis to life in the modern world, what do you expect Robert. We have not been nor are ever likely to be a part of the fabric of this country. Given the nihilistic fabric that it is, that is probably a good thing. Fast, pray, give glory to God, give alms to those in need around you rather than dreaming of grandious projects of vain glory. Then you might see an impact.

  2. "Is this course to any degree influenced by the subject of 'theology of modern day fathers' (μεταπατερική θεολογία)?

    "No. This course, and all the programs offered by the Academy are traditional, thoroughly patristic, and focused on transmitting the Orthodox theological tradition in its fullness to those who will themselves be teaching it at different levels. The 'theology of modern day fathers' or 'post-patristic theology' is just a misnomer for heterodox (false) teachings and leads to an eastern rite protestantism. We simply don’t tolerate it."


  3. Who would be a “modern day father” in this sense? Never heard that term before.

  4. Jacques Derrida?