Thursday, April 5, 2018

Never seen this technique before

(Stephanos & Alexandria Missionaries to Albania ) - Have you ever wondered how a can priest bring Holy Communion to the sick throughout the year without celebrating Liturgy?

Every Holy Thursday, an extra Amnos is consecrated during the Liturgy of St. Basil that is celebrated in the morning. This second Amnos is carefully dried by one of the priests of the parish and placed in an Artoforion which is kept in the Tabernacle. When a parishioner is unable to attend liturgy due to extenuating circumstances, the priest will take a small crumb of the consecrated Amnos, in a special container, together with a small spoon and wine and will travel to the parishioner so that they may receive the Holy Gifts.

Here, At Jovan is drying the Amnos that will be kept in the Tabernacle of the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral until next year.


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    1. Leave in artophorion. Maybe leave the cover slightly open. Check on it every day or so.

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    1. If you are asking if we use consecrated wine in our travel sets? No.

  3. The practice of drying consecrated hosts over ovens is one of the abuses that the pro-Latin party in the 18th century Patriarchate of Antioch accused the Orthodox of doing. There's a whole correspondence between Euthymius Sayfi and the Propaganda about it, since it was on the list of his reasons for adopting an Arabic translation of the Tridentine Rite.

  4. Hieromonk Alexander (Reichert) put this together, based on how we have done it, which is based on the instructions in the Jordanville Sluzhebnik: