Monday, April 23, 2018

Oriental Orthodox meet in New Jersey

Whippany, NJ (SCOOCH) – On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches convened at the Headquarters of the Malankara Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church in North America for its biannual meeting. Topics discussed by the fathers in attendance included the war in Syria and the suffering of that nation’s people, Oriental Orthodox Cooperation in missionary outreach to the African-American community, and the canonical crisis in the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church. Plans were also made for concelebrations of the Divine Liturgy in various regions of the country as well as youth conferences, book fairs, and other activities.

Hierarchs in attendance included the host of the meeting, H.E. Mor Titus Yeldho of the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church, SCOOCH President H.E. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian of the Armenian Apostolic Church, H.G. Bishop David of the Coptic Orthodox Church, H.E. Mor Dionysios of the Syriac Orthodox Church, and H.G. Bishop Aphrem of the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church who was visiting from India.


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