Thursday, May 24, 2018

Abp. Evstratiy (Zorya) [UOC-KP] communes at OCA parish

Update 07/20/2018: SUSPENDED HARRILCHAK, V. Rev Paul is suspended from all priestly functions, effective May 31, 2018 to June 7, 2018. (Archdiocese of Washington)

For context, Evstratiy (Zorya) pictured with Filaret (head of "Kyivan Patriarchate")

In a surprising series of photos (posted on the parish website no less), Archbishop Evstratiy (Zorya) of the schismatic UOC-KP group visited an OCA parish in Virginia and communed in a Liturgy there. Considering the ties of the OCA to the Church of Russia and of the problems the UOC-MP is experiencing with others in Ukraine (UOC-KP, UAOC, UGCC), this is a decidedly odd - if not inflammatory - event. If anyone has any context for what happened at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, please do put something in the comment box.


  1. This is infuriating. That poor parishioner kissing his hand — does he know whose hand he was kissing?!

    I began learning about Orthodoxy while living in Kiev and visited a schismatic Kiev Patriarchate church simply because I had no idea. Thabk God one of my teachers pulled me aside one day and gave me a good explanation about canonicity. Were it not for her intervention, I might have gotten a schismatic catechism and then a schismatic pseudo-baptism. God is good, and I made it to the canonical Church.

    Metropolitan Tikhon and the other OCA hierarchs need to nip this one in the bud.

    Lord, have mercy

  2. The website of the parish is exceedingly odd. They mention before anything else that they are guided "the vision of Fr. Alexander Schmemann" the priest and other modern theologians.
    The link on "Who we are" brings up a piece by Archbishop Paul of Finland.

    The Tradition is not much in evidence.

  3. This poor, little church. In 40 years, they have not been able to build an iconostasis. Two women serve as readers -where are the men? And now vultures want to feed off of them, which proves they still have something. Where the Body is, the vultures will gather.

  4. That is good Insight Julie.

  5. Given the liturgical movement influence stated on the site, I assume that they never planned to construct an iconostasis, just a templon similar to New Skete’s main Church. And they already have that, though it may be expanded upon in the future.

  6. If you look closely with eyes open and not blinded by bile you will see that they are in a community center. They are in the process of building a Temple . The space shown is temporary .

  7. Joyous Pentecost! Forgive my--as you put it--"bile" blinded eyesight. I made my comment after "seeing" this page on their website:

    So I was aware of their community center location. They describe their setup there and this page, along with the aforementioned photos, led me to my assumption about the liturgical movement influence and templon similar to the beautiful Holy Wisdom Church at New Skete Monastery:

    How much more open should my eyes be? Clearly, every parish has a potential future with new buildings. Do you disagree with having a templon or iconostasis? They have iconography, clearly.

  8. Re: schismatic pseudo-baptism, may I remind your readers that the Phanar views the OCA as schismatic too. Nevertheless, it recognizes the priesthood, sacraments and episcopate. The only thing it does not recognize is the title and function of the metropolitan.

  9. Do any of them ever THIBK about Christ?