Friday, May 25, 2018

St. Tikhon's hosts OISM gathering

I loved OISM as a seminarian. Even with the very variable attendance and spotty participation by host seminaries (I once went to OISM at St. Vlad's and only two of their people attended any of the events. At other gatherings we were busting at the seams, went on field trips, and had stimulating speakers (Bp. Irenei of Sacramento comes to mind immediately). I'm heartened to see that OISM continues since the time when Bp. Michael of New York resurrected it during his tenure at St. Tikhon's.

(STOTS) - On the weekend of May 11-13, 2018, Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary hosted this year’s Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement [OISM] gathering on the school’s campus.

OISM is a Pan-Orthodox organization focused on building bridges between the different seminaries.

The theme of this year’s gathering was Orthodox Christian missions. Presentations were offered by three STOTS faculty members—Archpriest Steven Voytovich, Dean and Chair of the Department of Pastoral Arts and Praxis; Dr. David Ford, Professor of Church History; and Hieromonk Herman [Majkrzak], Lecturer in Liturgical Theology.

“In addition to stimulating and informative presentations, the seminarians where able to participate in services at Saint Tikhon’s Monastery and spend time getting to know each other and build friendships,” said STOTS seminarian Joseph Clark. “It is hoped that the seeds planted here will one day bear fruit for Christ’s Church.”

In addition to students from Saint Tikhon’s Seminary, representatives from Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Yonkers, NY; Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, Jordanville, NY; and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology/Hellenic College, Brookline, MA also participated.

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