Monday, February 4, 2019

Our part in the lives of our brothers

(Basilica) - ‘We label those around us according to what exists in our soul, depending on the frustrations living inside us, but God looks at the heart,’ Bishop Ignatie of Husi said on Sunday.

‘We are very cruel, we judge very harshly. Christ always rejoices over the return of a sinner and stands by him when he decides to return,’ His Grace noted in his homily delivered Feb. 3.

His Grace Bishop Ignatie celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St Thomas Church in Husi, where he told the believers about God’s unceasing help offered to those who follow the path of change and stop speaking ill of our neighbour.

‘When God observes our change, the decision made in our inner forum, in the face of our own consciousness, He always comes and enters the habitation of our heart and brings joy.’

‘Always, no matter how many things we hear about someone, may our first thought be: Lord, change this man! Vouchsafe me not to judge him, to put a label on him,’ said the Bishop of Husi.

Bishop Ignatie offered suggestions on how we can help those around us who we consider affected by different passions.

‘God has called us to pray for those who lead a reprobate life.’

‘Let us be firm in the face of sin, but at the same time, if you are a true Christian, you will pray for that person. Your inner impulse will be to ask God to change them, to give them a thought of correction.’

‘You will help if you pray for them. The grace of your prayer will go into the heart of that person, and will work.’

During the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Ignatie ordained Dănuţ Bejan to the Diaconate.

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  1. God bless his grace. Well said. Let us remember the good bishop in our prayers.