Monday, February 25, 2019

Western Europe Archdiocese votes against dissolution

A synod can of course dissolve and construct whatever diocesan structure it likes. On the other hand simply dissolving an archdiocese and not replacing it with a new structure, but leaving it in limbo is not such a normal thing to do. So we're in weird territory here. Which flag will they raise in the end? And why did the EP do this in the first place? Did they think this group would leave them for Moscow and so "dumped" them before they could get "dumped?" This entire thing boggles the mind.

Feb 23, 2019 (orthodoxie) - Today, in Paris, was held an extraordinary general assembly of the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe, or more precisely of the diocesan governing union of Russian Orthodox associations in Western Europe.

The assembly voted against the dissolution of the Archdiocese (206 voters, 15 for the dissolution, 191 against). No decision has been made regarding the jurisdictional choice. A new assembly be may held in June to choose one. An official statement is expected.


  1. They weren't left in limbo- they were clearly told that their parishes now part of their local Greek archdiocese. Likewise, it was easy to canonically place Abp Jean in limbo because he's technically the titular bishop of Hayrabolu in Turkey and so could be removed from his duties in France with ease.

    While Constantinople's endgame with all of this is very hard to discern in terms of what exactly they thought the Archdiocese's reaction would be, Mets Emmanuel of France and Athenagoras of Belgium had long wanted to either possess or be rid of them.

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  3. If Constantinople thought the Archdiocese as a whole was ready to bolt for Moscow given what Moscow is and the Archdiocese's own history, then they deeply misunderstood them. Although this very act of dissolution - with zero consultation with the Archdiocese - itself already confirms that...

  4. According to Sergei Chapnin Facebook comments Archbishop Jean personally wanted to move to the MP but the clergy and laity certainly did not. The vote certainly made that clear.
    Consider also that MP Synod planned to meet in Moscow on February 20th. But the Synod meeting was moved from 20 to 26 February. Just think: if the vote by Rue Daru Archdiocese on February 23rd had gone in favor changing to Moscow, then it could have been submitted to the synod and approved all in short order. A fait accomplie.

  5. Maybe Patriarch Bartholomew can hit his reset button and make everything ok. At least, some folks here think he has such a button .