Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Former UAOC/UOC-KP parishes in diaspora transitioning

(RISU) - Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine has stated that the first foreign parishes of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will soon become subordinate to the Constantinople Patriarchate.

In an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda, he has noted that the transition process could not be rapid, but it had already begun, HB reports.

“There are many parishes in Europe that have expressed willingness to become subordinate to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. I even had discussions a few days ago with certain community representatives who say, “We have good relations, we are already changing jurisdiction.” Now, I am preparing leave certificates for those priests, who have submitted requests,” said the Metropolitan.

At the same time, he says there are some communities that do not want to move.

“But we will have a dialogue with them. On the part of Patriarch Bartholomew there is no aggressive attitude that you have to transfer us these parishes today,” added Epifaniy.

He reported that in Europe, the OCU has approximately 46 parishes, 15 in America. And in other regions of the world, there are several parishes.


  1. I don't trust the words that come out of "Epiphaniy" Sergey Dumenko's mouth. The fact that he said this publicly should be taken as indicating the opposite, which has been reported on other Ukrainian sites and now translated on

  2. This priest is not only refusing to go under the Ecumenical Patriarchate, he even continues to refer to Mikhail Denisenko as "his holiness Patriarch Philaret," which is a title Philaret himself said he would only use in Ukraine (not when abroad).

  3. I've said this before; if Patriarch Bartholomew wanted to be taken seriously, he should have insisted Filaret be considered a layman or at most, a defrocked monk.

  4. Furthermore, I believe the two Ukrainian Hierarchs from the US entered into this deal to stop Filaret from grabbing any more parishes here. About 4 or 5 of their churches have switched to Filaret. Per their 2017 Calendar, those parishes are under canonical sanction.