Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Jordan B. Peterson and Bp. Robert Barron talk Christianity

Let me provide some disclosure here: I am a fan of both Dr. Peterson and Catholic Bp. Barron. At the same time I understand what defects in their positions are vis-à-vis Orthodox theology. So I am not asking anyone to take notes and accept their positions as presented uncritically. Comments like "He is dangerous!" or "He isn't even a Christian!" have their place, but I'm not asserting I'd let either man preach Sunday's sermon for me. We can ponder the good and dispense with the bad as mature listeners. I will say that their discussion of engagement with the modern world equipped with the tools provided by Christianity is well worth listening to. These are two men every month speaking to millions of Christians and non-Christians alike and have been immensely successful in their efforts. The experiential nature of Christianity is a bit of a homiletic favorite of mine as many people seem to be able to read themselves into and then out of Orthodoxy without having developed the praxis to transform them is a major cause of conversions out of Orthodoxy into the next shiny diversion. That topic gets addressed very early on in this podcast. Enjoy!

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  1. I am glad for this post. We can learn fom others even when we may not agree with all that they believe.