Friday, February 21, 2020

On the sad popular effort to paganize feast days

(Roger Pearse) - Something weird has begun to happen over the last couple of years. Twitter is filling up with claims that “Christmas is really pagan”; the same for Easter (!), St Valentine’s Day – indeed for every single Christian holiday. This is new, and started maybe in 2018, and now has become very commonplace. The object is without a doubt to diminish the Christian significance of American holidays. I get the impression that this may be part of the anti-Trump reaction. It is clearly orchestrated, and obviously a nuisance.

This year I came across the claim that St Valentine’s Day is really the Lupercalia (!), and that Pope Gelasius I abolished the Lupercalia and created St Valentine’s Day instead...
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  1. Unfortunately, the effort has been going on a long time. In my part of the country certain Protestant branches have always made the the claim that Christmas was really a Roman pagan holiday and Easter was worship of a pagan goddess.

    Not to mention the attempt to link icons off Jesus to pagan temple representations of Zeus.

    I am 70+ years old and I have heard these things 9n and off my whole life and they were not new when I was young. Jdubs won't celebrate anything even their own birthdays.

    These people fundamentally deny both the reality of God and His Incarnation--which is the root of secularism.

    The Iconoclasts did the same thing. Nothing new.