Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What to do with this time together?

Many parents are worried about the lost time at school for their children and also about simply keeping them occupied. One could be stressed over "lost" school time, but really there is so much a parent can teach his child that there is as much opportunity as there is loss in this period of isolation. Cooking, music, the feminine and masculine arts, and of course imparting the Faith to our children come to mind.

My wife and I sat down at the beginning of this time of "social distancing" and made plans for projects, homeschooling goals, and expanded our prayer rule. We're catching up on yard work, laundry, and all manner of things right now. We're also using the Internet to our advantage spiritually.

As an example, here's a short video on using prayer ropes. Quite timely, I'd say.

Good strength, everyone!

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