Friday, July 24, 2020

An interesting Twitter thread on anti-religious bias in academia


  1. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting, as many points on his list are "outside the box". Some are better than others. For example, there were not "a whole bunch of alternative conservative colleges started". However most of the points are really good, like how conservatives are not good at political/institutional warfare within academia, a too easy complacency with a "classical liberalism" and the environment it creates, etc. Perhaps my favorite is his last about how conservatives too easily tolerate libertarianism within their own ranks and how they don't cultivate an effective nurturing subculture for their own. I have seen it argued that conservatives simply are constitutionally not as good at tribalism as progressives, but I don't think that holds up historically.

  2. 7) A lot of the conservatives were pompous but actually not that well read. I saw this a lot. People who blabbered about Aristotle but didn't know Greek, etc. So they annoyed everyone with their pompous airs but then got destroyed in actual arguments with people.