Friday, July 3, 2020

Dn. Nicholas Kotar: from cradle to conscientious Orthodoxy

Fr. Dn. Nicholas is an important anglophone voice for Orthodoxy. He is an intriguing mixture of great respect and reverence for tradition while at the same time not being afraid to engage with ideas for fear of breaking them. Our faith is not a brittle antique but something with which we really should - as Israel did - wrestle. The Christian is obliged to evangelize and he is best empowered to do so when he is informed, engaged, and unafraid of the topics of the day. What value the Internet? What value social media? What value the epic narrative format? What value the Church's understanding of sex, friendship, love, and more? After you've watched this video, do be so kind as to visit his blog at A Light so Lovely.

1 comment:

  1. I really like his efforts. I think his central "culture formation" idea begs as many questions as it answers, especially given how formation is traditionally thought of in Orthodoxy and how secular people simply graft on such things like (epic - or any other) narrative as yet another "construal" (to use Taylor's schematic). Deacon Nicholas seems up for this and more however...