Tuesday, January 5, 2021

"every time you go to church... is a confession of faith"

(orthochristian.com) - Every Church service and every time we go to church during the pandemic is a confession of faith, according to His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

During a service in the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Skouriotis, Cyprus, on his feast day on January 2, Met. Neophytos preached that “every service that takes place now, whether it be festive, as today, or a simple service with just a singer, the priest, and two believers, is very important,” reports Romfea.

According to him, “every service and every time you go to church, whether inside or outside the church, is a confession of faith.”

“Every time you commune in the traditional way, established by the Mother Church throughout the ages, it is a confession of faith. Please to continue so in our humble diocese. Let the law do what it’s supposed to do, and people of faith do what they are supposed to do,” His Eminence called.

We live not only for the earth, but also for Heaven. When Heaven tells us something different from earth, we prefer Heaven. I’ll go to prion a thousand times, but I will be with the Great King and will serve the Liturgy, I will concelebrate with St. Seraphim. A thousand times!” Met. Neophytos emphasized.

In conclusion, the Metropolitan said: “Remember that we are approaching a very big feast. The Fathers say that Theophany is equal to Pascha. Let no one miss the Theophany Liturgy.”

Met. Neophytos earlier said that he would not obey the state order to close churches, explaining that the law of God is above the law of the state.

He also recently stated that he will not accept the COVID vaccine. “I will not become a mutated product of the New Order of things,” he declared.


  1. God bless him for his faithful words and actions, the Church of Greece is also rebelling against the latest lockdown measures.

    To date there is no evidence that lockdowns have done anything beneficial in comparison to countries that had no lockdowns and have been fine, except increase suicide, poverty, starvation, abuse of every kind, and deny religious and economic freedom. The results are disastrous. In one month in Japan there were more suicides than all COVID related deaths combined.

    But the “Great Reset” isn’t going to happen without destroying the world economy and stripping away freedom.

    It’s at least comforting that more and more clergy and lay people are standing up against this tyranny.

  2. “I will not become a mutated product of the New Order of things,” he declared.

    That is an interesting way to put it. Is His Eminence a film fan, particularly of the zombie genre?! We have a women in our parish who is a born Cypriat, I am going to ask her if what the Greek means there or if certain connotations have been picked up inadvertently in translation.

    1. Ok, it turns out that Met. Neophytos is the bishop of the town my friend and fellow parishioner grew up, where her mother still resides, and she is quite familiar with him. He has preached against vaccines for years, and links them to his peculiar interpretation of "branding" in Revelations (e.g. 13:17) and what he calls "new order" of "our times". He claims they change a who a person is biologically, and thus spiritually, and compares them to genetic altering "of tomatoes" in some convoluted way.

      So no His Eminence is not a fan of Zombie movies...He actually thinks they are real.