Thursday, February 4, 2021

Romanians get serious about iconography

(Basilica) - During this year’s first meeting of the Romanian Patriarchate’s Church Painting Committee, the Patriarch of Romania urged the new members to draft an iconographic guide and a set of norms for the restoration of the ecclesiastical heritage used in worship.

“The Church Painting Committee is now called, during this term, as the most competent central forum, with a consultative role in matters of church art in the Romanian Patriarchate, to respond promptly to urgent needs, felt for several years in the field of church painting and restoration,” Patriarch Daniel stressed February 1.

The two sets of rules and norms for iconographers and church restorers is expected ‘to capture from an interdisciplinary perspective (historical, theological and artistic) the main themes of Orthodox church painting, comprising several sections, richly illustrated where appropriate, and each accompanied by an extensive and updated bibliographic repertoire.’

The set of norms for church restoration ‘will aim at establishing and implementing some basic principles and practical rules, meant on the one hand to avoid distorting the original aspect of the pictorial ensemble, and on the other hand to make possible the fulfillment of the liturgical-dogmatic function of the mural ensemble, avoiding the transformation of the communal liturgical space into a simple museum ensemble.’

Patriarch Daniel, who chaired the Committee’s constituent meeting at the Patriarchal Palace, wished the new members ‘a mandate full of accomplishments.’

The new composition of the Church Painting Committee of the Romanian Patriarchate was elected for a period of four years (2021-2024).

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