Thursday, March 11, 2021

The foundation, challenges, & future of the Diocese of Miami

Bless Thine Inheritance is a short film that captures stories of the foundation, challenges, and future of the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast. By capturing these stories, we can both preserve and learn from our past, and set a vision for our future. For more information, visit


  1. Well spoken!!!! Thanks for being bold and direct.

  2. Did not have the impact it could have on an american audience because the background music was mediocre at best. The market in america is used to majestic church music such as a mighty fortress is our God or christ the savior is risen today. Byzantine chant does not do it at all. Back in the day the antiochians used michael hilkos much which was melodic to american eats. Oh lord save our people is majestically performed in tchaikovsky's 1812 overture. Nicholas afonskys choir at the 2 nd st cathedral, or Greg samoliks choir at three saints in ansonia touched the heart, soul, and every nerve with their majestic presentation. Using the Russian music as back ground would enhanced the presentation and universal applicability of the message. We get so tied up with our ethnicity many times we lose sight of our target. Byzantine chant is foreign to american ears,,,,if we are to be truly an american church, we need to evaluate how many road blocks we should place on our journey to success. The eastern orthodox church is rich in its ethnic heritages. We should use the best of the best. I would not have chosen byzantine chant,,,but that is just my opinion. The idea was excellent, the information was excellent,the delivery was excellent but music negated much of the impact, and this is a shame.