Thursday, April 15, 2021

Abp. Benjamin of San Francisco has Parkinson's Disease

Please join me in prayers for His Eminence!

(OCA-DOW) - Beloved in Christ:The Lord bless.Recently, I have been noticing a tremor and other symptoms that may indicate Parkinson’s Disease.  After a battery of tests, I was indeed diagnosed with the initial stages of Parkinson’s.  At this juncture, I do not expect it will adversely impact my ability to fulfill my duties as bishop.  However, as always, I am grateful to His Grace, Bishop Daniel, for his assistance and no doubt will require his help more and more as the disease progresses.  I ask for your prayers as I move forward.With gratitude to God for all things;


Archbishop of San Francisco


  1. Your Grace, bless! i pray that whatever God sends your way will be the source of your finding an even closer relationship with Him. My prayers and best wishes during the rest of this Lenten season are with you as we enter into the hope and joy of Christ's Holy Resurrection.

    In Christ,

    Archimandrite Gregory

  2. I've know Archbishop Benjamin since he was a mere choir director, many years ago. This is indeed sad news. My prayers for him!
    Rdr. James Morgan
    Olympia, WA