Tuesday, April 27, 2021

First Orthodox Singaporean ordained

(Orthodox Times) - The Orthodox Community of Singapore experienced unique and blessed moments on Palm Sunday, April 25.

On this day, Metropolitan Konstantinos of Singapore and South Asia ordained a new Deacon at the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. Deacon Joachim became the first Singaporean clergyman.

“We want the prayers of all so that God enlightens him to become a good clergyman and serve God’s people in Singapore,” said, among other things, Metropolitan Konstantinos on Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Community of Singapore as reported by vema.com.au.


  1. Is this accurate? Both rocor and the Moscow patriarchate have parishes in south east asia, with clergy having indigenous names? So is this piece solely correct for the greeks but not the eastern orthodox church universal

  2. As far as i know MP doesnt have any Singaporean Clergy at all.