Thursday, April 22, 2021

OCA - Diocese of the West: restrictions as we near Pascha

(OCA-DOW) - To the Reverend Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese of the West,

The Lord bless!It is with much gratitude to God that we write you concerning the lifting of some of the prior restrictions we have laid down across the diocese pertaining to the coronavirus. By God’s grace the vaccines that protect against infection and serious illness is now more widely available in most places. This is especially welcome as Pascha is around the corner.

Given that local restrictions are in constant flux and the size and diversity of the diocese, it is difficult to impose a “one size fits all” policy everywhere. Nevertheless, there are some adjustments that can be made should local conditions and law permit. I believe from Palm Sunday forward we can lift restrictions with regard to how many persons may be present in the temple should the local health policy allow. However, all those present should still wear face masks whether or not they have received the vaccine or not for the time being. While I would still recommend social distancing, the directives of your local health department should inform whether or not distancing is required.

As we are just about at the end of our common Lenten journey and the Paschal night draws near, I want to be sure you and your flock remain vigilant, keeping in mind the necessity for any parish to close its doors for 10 days should anyone present in church come down with COVID 19. It would be a great pity for it to become necessary to close the doors of any parish or monastery because someone could have involuntarily exposed others to the virus.

Finally, I want to express my personal thanks to you and your flocks for your prayerful support as I deal with my Parkinson’s diagnosis and to wish you a blessed and bright Pascha.

With gratitude to God for all things and affection for you all, I remain,


Archbishop of San Francisco and the West


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  2. Samuel, that is a totally uncalled for comment. An apology from you would be in order.