Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This is going to be a good book. Guarantee it.

(Antiochian) - A new Ancient Faith book release, The Religion of the Apostles: Orthodox Christianity in the First Century, has been authored by The Rev. Dr. Stephen De Young, pastor of Archangel Gabriel Antiochian Orthodox Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. The book is described as "Orthodox Christian Biblical theology in one volume​," in which Fr. Stephen traces the lineage of Orthodox Christianity back to the faith and witness of the apostles, rooted as it was in a first-century Jewish worldview. 

The Religion of the Apostles presents the Orthodox Christian Church of today as a continuation of that religious heritage, which was really a continuation of the life of the people of God since the beginning of creation. 

Father Stephen holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from Amridge University, is the host of The Whole Counsel of God​ ​podcast, and co-host of the Lord of Spirits podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. He is also the author of The Whole Counsel Blog on the Ancient Faith Ministries website. For years Fr. Stephen has been teaching the Bible by taking ideas current in biblical scholarship and explaining them to laypeople to make both those ideas and the Scriptures more accessible.

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph has endorsed the book, saying that "This book delves into contemporary scholarship on the religious beliefs of the Judaism of the Second Temple period. It sheds light on the ways that evangelists and the apostles understood the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ and how the authors of the New Testament framed their narratives to communicate the very same Faith expressed later in the history of the Church. While challenging at times, this work opens new ways to read and understand the Old and New Testaments as well as our liturgical worship. These new ways always point to the wider Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church. I welcome this work by Fr. Stephen and hope that readers will gain a fuller and deeper appreciation of the 'faith once and for all delivered to the saints.'"  


  1. Daniel Fanous' "The Person of Christ", unfortunately out of print (a victim of Regina Orthdox Press downfall it seems), really helped me understand the context of Jesus' and Scripture's (old and new) time and place and "mind" as it were in reference to the expectation of "the Anointed One". Perhaps this book by Fr. Stephen can serve in the same role?

  2. I hope the book is good. The author, on ancient faith radio programs is nearly impossible to listen to. A giggling mess.