Monday, June 28, 2021

A Syriac-Antiochian reunion?

(OCP) - Patriarch John X of Antioch has urged unity with the Syriac Orthodox Church. The Primate of the Antiochian Greek Orthodox Church was speaking at the consecration ceremony of the Syriac Orthodox Archbishops in Lebanon (25/6/21). Patriarch said he was hopeful in evading obstacles to achieve unity with the Syriac Church.

According to a report published by the official portal of the Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarch John X in his speech stated that “I assure Your Holiness that your celebration is ours. When I heard the Homologia, except for the part about the ecumenical councils, I felt as if I am declaring my faith as a Greek Orthodox.” “Allow me, Your Holiness, to consider with you this day as a decision to relaunch the Joint Committee between our two Churches to continue its serious work and to increase its efforts to remove all remaining obstacles in face of our unity.” Together, we may give common witness for our one Orthodox Faith to our Christian communities but also to the whole world.”

After the concentra
tion ceremony, Patriarch John presented the newly ordained Archbishops with staves and gifts.


  1. "other for the part about the Ecumenical Councils"

    I mean, does he realize this has major 'other than that how'd you like the play Mrs. Lincoln' vibes?

  2. No...this is not an Antiochian - Syriac union. This follows in the steps of the 1991 joint declaration between the two churches on faith and practice. More dialogue on removing obstacles to unity. The biggest obstacle is the Syriacs accepting the 4th Ecumenical council without changing or revision. If Antioch was to "unite" with the Syriacs or con-celebrate a Liturgy with them, they would be in Schism with rest of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I can't see that happening.

  3. This is a positive move to heal centuries old rift,,,,it is the christian thing to do,,,,we must all pray that there is movement toward unity,,,,we need to embrace our brothers and not continue to create barriers

  4. Smells like ecumenist garbage...
    The Syriacs are welcome to accept the 4th Ecumenical Council. As simple as that.

    1. Your assumption and judgement seem rather harsh. Have you walked a mile in a Syrian Christian’s shoes? We need to work out meaningful unification where it can be achieved. There is nothing unprincipled going on here.

  5. "except for the part about the ecumenical councils"... pesky little obstacles

  6. It looks like the pharisees abound,,,,God has given us an opportunity,,,,if we do not seek the common ground, the roman catholics will,,,,and if so, shame on us,,,are we not to be shepherds going after the lost sheep?

  7. So, defending the Orthodox faith makes one a pharisee, now? Common ground, eh? Why, that's the argument that SanFillipo and others like him use to force the gay lib agenda on the church. Not buying it.