Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Prayers for Holy Cross Monastery!

(Holy Cross Monastery) - As the virus continues to spread throughout the brotherhood, services in church are now being limited to the Hours only and will NOT be live-streamed. The exception will be Great Vespers on Saturday night at 6:30pm and Hours & Liturgy on Sunday at 9:00am, both of which will be broadcast.

As of Thursday, July 29 multiple members of the brotherhood have tested positive for COVID-19 and almost everyone has fallen ill. Therefore Fr. Seraphim has decided to close the monastery to visitors temporarily, and unfortunately we will have to cancel the public celebration of St. Panteleimon's Day on August 8/9.

Because we are very shorthanded, orders are being fulfilled more slowly than normal. Please allow us at least a few additional days to get your orders shipped.

Thank you for your understanding, and please keep us in your prayers during this time.


  1. Abbot and two others hospitalized

  2. This hoax has the marks of the Democratic Party all over it.

  3. Most Holy Theotokos, please pray for these holy monastics so that they may be healed

  4. God bless them and heal them. They are all vaccinated, I wish there wasn’t a growing body of evidence that it’s more harm than good, Fr. Seraphim has endured so much already.

    1. About half of them were vaccinated. Those who were vaccinated had symptoms of a cold. The ones who weren't vaccinated got very sick.

    2. In addition, the ones who were not vaccinated will not see the worst for another 2 weeks. Given their ages, for some it will be death.

    3. Another nonsense post by the Jakester.

    4. So, Fr. Seraphim, who is in the hospital, was NOT vaccinated? Not what I've heard...

    5. "About half of them were vaccinated. Those who were vaccinated had symptoms of a cold. The ones who weren't vaccinated got very sick."

      In other words, it's a "leaky" vaccine.

  5. How about just praying and cut the tiresome commentaries.

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