Saturday, December 10, 2022

A Rusyn Book of Hours (Часocлoвъ)

Eastern Christian Publications comes out with books that are rather high quality both editorially and in binding. The below video is the first in a series that walks you through using the book.

(ECPubs) - This edition of The Book of the Hours (Časoslov in Slavonic and Horologion in Greek) is an authentic and complete translation of the typical (official) Church Slavonic edition issued in 1950 by the Holy See of Rome for the Ruthenian Churches.  The contents, pagination and layout match the original and include:

The Midnight Service            Matins
The Hours                             Vespers
Compline                              The Canonicon
Troparia During the Year      The Menologion (Troparia of the Saints)

The book is printed in red and black on medium-weight opaque paper, with a black leatherette sewn binding and flexible covers.  At 5”x7” and 2” thick, it also matches the original Slavonic edition with approximately 900 pages.  The translation has been approved in concordance with the original by Bishop Kurt Burnette of Passaic. 

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