Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steve Robinson interviews Abbot Meletios Webber

(AFR / Pithless Thoughts) Fr. Meletios Webber, the Abbot of St. John of San Francisco Monastery was in town last weekend and gave a retreat that I recorded. I also got to spend a couple hours with him recording an interview on the "grace of ordination", the role of the priest in parish life and his role as a spiritual father. Some of the questions I ask in the interview: What "lack" is made up by the Holy Spirit in ordination? Does the priesthood make a man clairvoyant and infallible? Is your parish priest your default spiritual father? What if you don't like him? Do you have to take advice given to you in confession if you think its wrong? What about penances? What does it mean if your priest floats 3 feet off the ground? All this and more...

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  1. I've not met Father Meletios, but heard a wonderful Podcast by him once. I hope that I am able to meet him at the AAC next year.