Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow-up on historic cathedral consecration in MX

My apologies for the robo-translation, but I thought the photos and the story deserved republication even if the text presented in translation is imperfect.

( - Our community has been decorated and with happy mood, has witnessed an event that will undoubtedly go down in history of Mexico and the Orthodox Church in Latin America: the consecration of the new cathedral on Sunday January 16 of this year .

The temple, located at Bosque Real in Huixquilucan division in the State of Mexico has been dedicated to the memory of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, in a liturgy presided by His Eminence Antonio Chedraoui. This time honored us with their presence and Archbishop concelebrated the members of the Holy Synod of Antioch, His Eminence Sergio Abad (Chile), Damaskinos Mansour (Brazil), Paul Saliba (Australia), George Abou Zakhem (Homs, Syria) Paul Yazigy (Aleppo, Syria), Silwan Muci (Argentina) and Juan Yazigy (Western Europe). Add to the episcopate of Antioch His Grace Ghattas Hazim Patriarchal Vicar and Dean of the Institute of Theology St. John of Damascus "and Grace Antonio Khoury, Bishop of Florida, the Archdiocese of North America. Likewise, orthodox bishops concelebrated other jurisdictions: His Grace Bishop Alejo Pacheco of the Orthodox Church of America and Nicholas Protopresbyter representing His Eminence Archbishop Athenagoras, the Ecumenical Patriarchate Anastasiadis. As a guest clergy highlight the presence of Bishop George Saad Abi Younes, Maronite Bishop of the Diocese of Mexico and the Reverend Father Zachary The Baramousy of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The ceremony began at 11 am following canonical provisions of the washing of the altar, the procession, placement and seal of relics, ending with the consecration of the antimensios and iconostasis. The prelates attendees raised their prayers and hymns of the ritual narrowed in the respective languages in celebrating the divine: Arabic, Portuguese and, of course, Spanish. In fact it was moving to hear the doxology and psalms sung by Sayedna Damaskinos, alternating with the archdiocesan choir.

His Grace Bishop Ghattas read a letter to His Beatitude, Patriarch Ignatius IV sent to parishioners of Mexico in praying for the health of Sayedna Antonio and the church consecrated a source of sanctification for the faithful. For his part, His Eminence Antonio thanked his eminences and urged his flock to form the living stones of the Church.

It was certainly significant number of faithful of the Syro-Lebanese origin, Greek, Russian and of course Mexico, who met and among those who emphasize the support of leaders and active participants in the Archdiocese Orthodox groups such as Orthodox Youth of Mexico (JOM) and the Ladies of St. George. Note the presence of those who have taken monastic vows, and who also came from abroad to join us, such is the case of the abbess of the Monastery of the Mother of God in Blemmana (Syria), the Reverend Mother Abbess Makrina and Monastery Lavra Mamre, in Guatemala, the Reverend Mother Agnes.

After the liturgy, congratulations to His Eminence did not wait further to receive the gratitude of the faithful for having given away such a beautiful sanctuary. The community also enjoyed a life where they were served warm shawarma and grill in a family environment.

The new cathedral, which is in the final stage of its construction, will be opened for worship in the coming months, thus becoming a new space for prayer and celebration of the sacraments, meeting place and spiritual refuge with the Lord to the flock of Christ on Mexican soil.


  1. What a blessing! It looks huge - I didn't realize the Antiochian Orthodox Church was so strong in Mexico.

  2. I hope some day there will be established a temple of the Orthodox Church in my country, Dominican Republic.

  3. I visited Santo Domingo last year and there were some parishes north of me. I didn't get to travel that far north though.