Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A new podcast on a most important topic: our children

(AFR) - “From My Youth” is a monthly, interview-based podcast. Each month, Andrew Boyd welcomes a new guest to provide resources for those working in youth, young adult, and campus ministry.

The podcast will focus on practical ideas and information that will help people “in the field.” From experienced youth and campus ministry leaders sharing their experiences to psychologists offering advice and guidance on identifying and helping depression, a variety of useful skills will be showcased. This podcast will help equip clergy and lay people for ministry to youth and young adults.

In the below podcast Andrew interviews Mat. Jenny Mosher about how to properly teach children the Bible.

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  1. Yeah, I think that idea of 'story qua story' and avoiding 'pre-digested meaning' is a uniquely modern one that is tied to an acquired distaste for moral teaching. It would have been alien to the Fathers, who were educated from their youth in a tradition that moralised everything, from animal fables to serious history and science.