Monday, November 26, 2012

50 years of ecumenical effort


  1. Granted it is good we are talking with one another, as opposed to 'at' one another, or not talking at all. But can someone explain to me what exactly this half century dialogue has accomplished in concrete terms?

    What major doctrinal differences have been resolved? Have any?

    1. Religious item swaps?

      As to the doctrinal... none that I can think of.

  2. Although the dialogues with Rome have produced documents, I do not think that they have resolved anything. We have been apart for over 1,000 years if you go back to the roots of the schism. It will not be easy to heal the wounds, because it is much more than a matter of doctrine. We do not think the same way as Roman Catholics. Besides, the Catholic Church needs to firs clean up its own act and get rid of the feminist nuns and pro-gay theologians that have surfaced since Vatican II.

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  4. One point of agreement (or something close to that) is the Catholic idea of original sin sounding a lot more like the Orthodox idea of ancestrol sin as the years have rolled by.

  5. I saw on an old blog that you were creating one.

  6. Until the papacy is abolished, the many [Catholic] theological inventions are scrapped, and the entire Catholic Church converts to the Orthodox faith, there can be no reunion. Very sad, but very true.