Monday, April 22, 2013

Eastern Catholic Churches in the diaspora

An interesting tome. I'm sure if you talk to almost any Eastern Catholic in the US you'll hear a story about some inter-Church dilemma they or a friend have experienced. Many of them have to do with a rather unidirectional flow of treatment of Eastern Catholics by Latin clergy. Things like baptizing Eastern Catholic children in Latin parishes without complaint, but refusal to allow Latin children to be baptized in an Eastern Catholic parish or denying Chrismation to a Latin child attending an Eastern Catholic parish or requiring CCD classes for an Eastern Catholic attending a Latin parish.

(Canon Law Society of America) - Eastern Catholics and Latin Pastors: Issues and Canonical Norms by Lorenzo Lorusso, OP, English Edition by Chorbishop John Faris, 2013, 352 pp., ISBN1-932208-35-6

There are eighteen Eastern Catholic jurisdictions in the United States with approximately 600,000 registered faithful. Pastors and canonists are often confronted with questions when Eastern Catholic faithful approach them for sacraments. Lorusso’s book is a valuable resource regarding membership in a Church sui iuris, marriage, baptism, confirmation (chrismation), and the other sacraments.

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