Thursday, April 4, 2013

GWU students: Priest too orthodox. Get rid of him!

(GW Hatchet) - Two gay seniors who said they felt alienated by the Newman Center's controversial priest will launch a campaign this week to force him off campus.

At least a dozen students, including seniors Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, say they have left the Newman Center in the last several years because Father Greg Shaffer’s strong anti-gay and anti-abortion views are too polarizing. Shaffer, a Roman Catholic priest, has spent five years preaching to GW students.

The former Newman Center members are creating a video with testimony from 10 other Catholic students, who cite Shaffer as the reason they left the chapel, hoping to inflame a largely liberal campus and force University administrators to act. Legacy and Bergen also plan to file a formal complaint with the University and hold prayer vigils outside the Newman Center until Shaffer is removed.

The students lambasted Shaffer’s counseling sessions, in which he said he advises students who are attracted to members of the same sex to remain celibate for the rest of their lives. They also criticized the priest for a fiery blog post he wrote last May, calling gay relationships "unnatural and immoral" after President Barack Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage...
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  1. HURRAH! We need more priests like Father Greg.
    these students claim to be Catholic but don't know or won't accept what the Catholic Church teaches. Does their ignorance know no bounds?
    GOD BLESS Father Greg Shaffer.

  2. Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  3. Poor babies! Most mature response they have is to whine and stamp their little foots!

  4. Sad, but they will probably get their way. It all depends on who appoints the priest. If it is the University, then he better polish up his resume.

    If he gets the boot, let's hope his bishop speaks out for him and gives him a "plum" assignment.

    Today, the faithful, counter-cultural Catholic priest; tomorrow, it will be the turn of one of our faithful, counter-cultural Orthodox priests. There is little room in American academia for witnessing to the Truth.

  5. The intolerance of the Tolerant. Behold our American future.

    1. Future? This is the way it is right now. In the future, they will drag people like him out into the streets and beat them to death.

  6. I say "future" because these are the youth of today. They don't run the country yet.