Monday, April 1, 2013

National Council of Churches & the Orthodox Church. Why?

From the blog Juicy Ecumenism:

Christian churches of any sort are right to be careful and thoughtful about the specific causes and organizations to which they do and do not give their public support, as such decisions are important part of what they tell a watching world about their faith and about the triune God. And if a church cannot or will not take the time to examine what a given organization actually does, it makes little sense to bestow a blank-check ecclesial endorsement on the organization’s activities.

So what exactly is accomplished by all but one of the jurisdictions of Eastern Orthodoxy in the United States being member communions of the National Council of Churches (NCC)?

First, we must ask what the effective purpose of the NCC is today. Its member communions include neither the Roman Catholic Church nor more than an increasingly narrow fraction of American Protestants. Given its growing narrowness, penchant for divisive rhetoric, and the rather unloving, disdainful ways in which NCC leaders take pains to distance themselves from other Christians, especially evangelicals, it is clear that the NCC’s noble founding goal of Christian unity is not much of a priority for current NCC leaders.

The NCC has served a purpose in the past with its New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible translation and its annual Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches. But the former is a fait accompli while the latter represents only a tiny fraction of the NCC’s work. So neither of these is the council’s raison d’ĂȘtre.

No, the first and foremost effective purpose of the modern NCC is to promote the values of theologically liberal/heterodox Protestantism and to use the name and resources of churches as a politically convenient tool to promote partisan public-policy agendas, including ones that directly oppose clear Scriptural teachings.

Devout Eastern Orthodox prize their church’s identity as the bearer of what they see as unbroken Christian tradition. Of course, important parts of this tradition’s moral teachings are the basic Christian moral values of valuing the lives of unborn children and honoring the God-given boundaries of sex only within man-woman marriage.

Yet over the years, IRD has documented numerous instances of the NCC defending abortion and/or homosexual practice while demonizing those who stand up for Christian values (at least nominally shared by Eastern Orthodox leaders) on such issues. To say nothing of the over-the-top interpersonal rudeness that NCC staffers have been known to aim at Christians who do not share their liberal Protestant values...

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  1. Bravo! Thank you for posting this. I give much credit to the Antiochians for standing their ground and leaving this demonic organization. I cannot believe that the other jurisdictions do not follow suit. Every bishop needs to read this article.

  2. An excellent post which I am bumping on my blog. On a side note a couple of regulars over at A/O report that when thy clicked on the link to bring them to this page they got a malware warning. I don't know why since I haven't gotten any such warning and never have from your blog.

    1. I'll fix. It has something to do with OCN. They have fixed the malware, but Google has not yet caught up to it.

  3. Frankly I wish that the Episcopal Assembly would move to advise all of our jurisdictions to remove themselves, and let the NCC become what it and the WCC are meant to be , a forum for leftist propaganda. It certainly would be more honest.