Friday, August 16, 2013

Bp. Angaelos, General Bishop, Coptic Orthodox Church (UK)


  1. What a magnificent interview> His Grace speaks with love , compassion, and authority in the midst of so much suffering.

  2. Ditto to the above. Praise God that there are Christian leaders, such as this good Bishop, rightly the delight of his community in the UK, who share such wisdom and demeanor in Christ with the public! Would that the confused politicians in the USA, who shoot from the hip, out of their misguided zeal, at anything that doesn't line up with their shallow presuppositions about Egypt.
    The TV interviewer himself was shocked at the depth of sense and love that this leader of the Copts evidenced. His words, the Bishop's, were like oil of frankincense, upon the wounded ears of the multitudes who have had to put up with the hateful clacker and clammer and bitterness of the media.
    Do what you can to have him and other godly leaders of the Coptic Church back for more, at the opportune time.
    KL Hoessel, Michigan