Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Come to St. Herman Middle School Retreat!

I send my kids to this every year. If you're nearby, please consider attending.

What? A weekend nativity retreat for kids in 5th-8th grades organized and facilitated by Antiochian Village staff and featuring a guest speaker. The schedule will include interactive presentations and discussions, weekend liturgical services (with an outdoor supplication service to St. Herman), games, crafts, all meals and snacks, and lots of outdoor fun including sledding (weather permitting), geocaching, stargazing with a telescope, guided night hike on our meditation trail, and a campfire.

When? The retreat begins with pizza and games at 7 PM on Friday, evening and will finish with Divine Liturgy and brunch on Sunday morning. Check out is at noon.

Where? Antiochian Village Conference Center. Students will stay with their chaperones in the lodging rooms at the Conference Center. Each adjoining pair of rooms has six beds. There will be a ratio of one chaperone to five students. All the activities will be supervised by adult chaperones and take place in the Conference Center or on the Antiochian Village property.

Why? What a question! As we all know, the middle school years can be tough. Children are naturally drawn toward the culture of their peers. With cell phones, Facebook, and ipods all vying for their attention, sometimes it feels as if they get lost. The distraction-free environment of the Village, combined with the spiritual focus of the retreat, gives a wonderful opportunity for our young people to remember and re-focus on who they are created to be, for eternity. Our retreat will help put that into the context of meeting Christ in the Feast of the Nativity and every day of their lives.

How much? $96/person for lodging and meals

Download the registration form here.

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