Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Father Daniel Sysoyev, pray for us!

The Reverend Father Daniel Sysoyev (1974-2009) was a young, married priest of the Church of Russia who was martyred in his church in southern Moscow by a Muslim fanatic during November 2009. More information on his life can be found here. As Sister Prosdoki from the Annunciation Monastery in Ormylia, Halkidiki Peninsula said, "It's high time you prayed not for Father Daniil, but to Father Daniil"

Podcast 1: The New Martyr Father Daniel and the Royal Path in the Mission of the Church
(AFR) - Father Peter spoke to a gathering of clergy and lay people in Athens recently and pointed to the witness of the new martyr of Moscow, the missionary priest Father Daniel Sysoev, as a model for mission work today. Father Daniel walked the "Royal Path" of the Church, avoiding two extremes, that of indifference to the person from the right and indifference to the Truth from the left.

Podcast 2: The Missionary Program of the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev
(AFR) - Fr. Peter Alban Heers examines the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev's spiritual and missionary program. Fr. Daniel is a great contemporary example of what a missionary can do and be, and his missionary school is an effort that can be replicated by pastors the world over.

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