Thursday, December 26, 2013

FEMEN activist jumps on altar nude, declares self God

(The Telegraph) - For the sake of the children, this post doesn't contain the video of this shameful incident (someone has to think of the children). But if you really want to see a bare chested female protestor desecrating a church you can follow this link and log into YouTube as an adult to do so. It's not a shocking image, just a rather silly one. The young lady is a member of the FEMEN feminist art/action group and she interrupted a service in Cologne Cathedral on Christmas Day as it was being televised live – running around shouting with the words "I AM GOD" written across her chest. The egotism of that statement is revealing and on some philosophical level she probably believes that she is the Messiah. She's not the Messiah, though. She's a very naughty girl.

What was her point? FEMEN practices "sextremism serving to protect women's rights" and some of its causes are very good, particularly when it comes to fighting sex tourism. Its members are doubtless brave and have faced persecution to an extent that makes them admirable. But just because they are courageous and motivated by sound instincts doesn't mean they can't behave appallingly. What has this lady accomplished by ruining a Christmas Day service? Well, she's upset the day of a lot of faithful or vague Catholics who have turned up to sing some carols and make peace with their God. She's not confronting prejudice where it's truly to be found, and if she really believes that the Catholic Church is the font of all patriarchy then she's mistaken. First, its theology is remarkably pro-women for a monotheistic religion (the Virgin Mary is basically #2 in the Church, after the Trinity, and Jesus was friends with an ex-prostitute) and has done a great deal to confront the sexual exploitation of women. Second, its political influence within Europe is near zero, which accounts for the continent's incredibly liberal abortion laws. If the Church is waging a war on the sacred feminine then it's not doing it very well.

Bottom line: Christmas is about God, family, good times, and love. It's not about aimless, thoughtless political protest and no one has any right to spoil everyone else's precious bit of spiritual downtime because they think that painting their topless form and embarrassing an old priest makes them the new Che Guevara. This particular FEMEN protestor isn't a revolutionary. She's an anti-social bore.
Merry Christmas everyone, and pass the port…

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