Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good Guys Wear Black website under new management

(GGWB) - PRESS RELEASE: Fr. Anthony Perkins, Vocations Director of the UOC-USA, is the new webmaster of “Good Guys Wear Black”, the premier website on Orthodox Christian Vocations

Fr. John Peck, the creator of the "Good Guys Wear Black" (GGWB) website, recently turned the management of the site over to Fr. Anthony Perkins. Fr. Anthony is excited by this opportunity to help men discern their path;

“I was so honored and energized when Fr. John asked me to take over management of the site. I have interviewed him a couple of times on my podcast and he knows of my great love for vocations and my recent assignment as Director of Vocations for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. This is a perfect fit. Orthodoxy needs a website that anyone considering a vocation can go to for information and advice. This has long been that website. I send people here all the time. I can’t tell you how many men have told me how useful it has been for them as they find their way. Fr. John Peck did us all a great service in creating and running Good Guys Wear Black; I look forward to building on his wonderful work.”

Fr. Anthony’s vision for the website is the same as Fr. John’s;

“We need to connect with those who are discerning a call to serve the Holy Church as a deacon or priest and give them some objective direction, guidance, and consolation on their journey. We also need to provide a place where those who are looking to grow in their existing vocation can find resources to help them.”

His first plans are to publish a series of articles based on a talk he recently gave on “Vocations: Become the ‘I AM’ of Christ”. This is how he describes it;

“I am a retired Army Intelligence Warrant Officer. I had a specialized set of skills, but as with every soldier, I was a rifleman first. It is the same for vocations. The seminarian that has not learned humility, charity, and self-control may master specialized topics like rubrics and patristics, but he will be a danger to himself and those whom he is sent to serve should he ever be ordained. Basic Orthopraxis – to include prayer, fasting, repentance, tithing, and service – is critical to every vocation, from taper-bearer to Patriarch.”

He is also publishing a series on vocations in his OrthoAnalytika podcast. The first such episode was an interview with Fr. John on the subject! He plans on making those episodes and other useful podcasts and videos available at GGWB.

Fr. Anthony is the rector of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket (YouTube; Facebook), Rhode Island; a professor at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary in South Bound Brook New Jersey; host of the OrthoAnalytika podcast and blog; and the Director of Vocations for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. He is a convert to Orthodoxy and a late vocation to the priesthood.

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