Friday, December 13, 2013

On reading this blog, the 2013 update

To make sure this blog is still on the right track - that it is topical and holds interest for readers - I do an annual review of the traffic this blog receives. Over a year has passed since the last review and this is the 5,000th post, so I thought it a good time to do the annual statistical round-up. If you're interested, here's the data.

  • Of traditional readers (people who visit the blog through normal web browsing) last year there were around 35,000 visitors for the month. The last full month (November) shows 55,000. Total visits since the beginning of the blog is around 1.6 million.
  • Google Friend Connect has reached 272 - up from 220 readers last year.
  • The number one referrer (after removing search engines from the mix) is my good friend at Ad Orientem.
  • Although not much publicized, this blog has a Twitter feed with 913 followers, last year's total was 518.
Put together, the data would seem to report that this blog is faring rather well. I am, of course, always happy to receive comments, tweets, or emails on ways this blog could improve.

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