Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ROCOR to send first missionary priest to the Philippines

(Orthodox Nepal) - Many of you who read this blog may already be aware of this, but if not, let me share the good news about a recent development for Orthodoxy in the Philippines. You may recall that Fr. Deacon Silouan Thompson accompanied me to the Philippines last year for short-term mission work. During that trip, we had the opportunity to talk about his longstanding desire to assist the Orthodox Church in the Philippines. By God’s grace and with the blessing of our Metropolitan Hilarion, Fr. Silouan is being sent as a full time missionary to the Philippines this year.

If all goes well, and by your prayers it should (!), Fr. Silouan will be ordained to the Priesthood after Pascha. As soon as he has adequate financial support, he will then be on his way to the Philippines. Please check out his new website: . I am grateful to God for this opportunity for Fr. Silouan to begin his priestly ministry in a missionary context. He has had a long love for cross-cultural ministry. His many gifts will be put to good use in his new calling. I commend him to your prayers and to your generosity. Please do what you can to support your Orthodox missionaries! – Fr. Seraphim


  1. this is not a first priest to Philippines

    1. Oh, certainly not. Both the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Antioch have priests there. This, if the article is right, will be the first ROCOR missionary priest there.

  2. Actuaqlly one could say St. John the Wonderworker laid out the plan in the late 1940's and early 50's.

  3. Proselytizing is bad right? We wouldn't like Catholic missionaries sent to Greece, why send ours to the Philippines?