Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

A man who was injured during clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police receives medical treatment inside St. Michael’s Orthodox Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, on 19 February. Ukraine’s political crisis escalated sharply, with more than two dozen people killed and scores injured in violent, often fiery battles between demonstrators and police in Kiev. (photo: CNS/Maks Levin, Reuters)


  1. There's more than what meets the eye here. This cathedral is part of the uncanonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kiev Patriarchate, who's "Patriarch" was deposed from the canonical Russian Orthodox Church and was excommunicated. His church, his followers are helping to fuel the extremist Ukrainian nationals at the heart of the violence. This cathedral and false church is aiding violence and stoking the flames of illegal and ungodly revolution!

  2. You mean the hundreds of thousands demonstrating are part of an "ungodly revolution." You should read this article from The Washington Post by Anne Applebaum (a non-Ukrainian):