Sunday, March 2, 2014

The story of twenty dollars


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    I am orthodox,this is not anywhere in the word, that some being can try to murder me,for my mother dead for six yrs. curse Christ, The Father and even curse the precious tears of the Theotokos and tell me, to obey it and bow down,that it set itself above God? I cannot accept that it is using me to get get even with God. Who is Padre Pio. Faustina ,Abba your are Lord, Christ trampled down death by death the enemy's power was destroyed,I baptized sealed on Theophany Abba Christ destroyed this in and on Theophany,Father Andrew,Pouring Holy Theophany wasters on me,Father drown me in exorcist Chrism oil and gave me A whole bottle, the tears od theotokos my patron were sent to me. In Christ name Abba I plead, force this thing to leave as your Word my our Christ has defeated this thousands of years ago and in my today. Amen Abba, I need you Have mercy on me, daughter,child Mary

    thank you,I am A loss to even think about this thing,my sister and brother told me it is behind me The Word says this against The Will of God and my free Will,How can some being be screaming at me that it thwarted God,should I plead for God to forgive me for answering my mother's cry,when she asked me come back to Memphis and take of her as she died? So I beg, God to forgive me for having taken care of her is is not worth some demon grabbing me the minute she died,and The exorcism of Father Catlin Mot, the prayers of all the faithful,priest and laity,I may be A sinner, however I know my own mind, I have looked so deeply,I did nothing to deserve this,I do believe in Catholic craiismatas,thank God I can't spell it,I do believe in the sacred heart,I do not believe in The generations divine mercy,the five year thing,I went to Memphis to care for her whole orthodox and healthy,I did not grieve over the stolen money,nor the wrongs of the priest that forgot to exorcise his catholic church.
    2:11 For the grace of God that brought us Salvation,grant us peace, HIS LOVE, and Presence
    “Dynamis!”and His Dynamis! AMEN
    Amen, for All not some praise HIM Be still, and know that I am God. - Psalm 46:10 THE SOUL
    How your Soul Differs from that of an Animal

    The Orthodox Church teaches that animals have souls, although not the same as ours. When conceived, God bestows upon us the nous, which distinguishes us from the other animals. It is the nous that is the eye of the soul, intelligent and noetic, and by nature designed to commune with God. The nous is the center of man and is where true (spiritual) knowledge is validated.
    "God will often begin to shift something in you before He shifts things around you. Don't fear what you feel. Trust the one orchestrating it!" people and exclaims “Dynamis!” which is commonly translated “with strength”. The celebrant raises his voice and intones this command, thus telling all who are singing that this is the time in the liturgy when our voices should be raised the loudest, because this is the time the Church proclaims the nature of our Triune God.