Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our embassy in Cyprus

H/T: Fr. Joseph Coleman

This is what is flying over the US embassy in Cyprus today. Even though the Cypriot Church's Holy Synod has denounced the country's first gay pride day by saying "The Church and science consider homosexuality to be the human being's fall from grace and an illness and not a natural way of life or choice," our country seems to have sided with the activists.


  1. Very sad. America has become another Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. In the event anybody is just now finding this out, the US executive branch is committed at the highest levels to secular, globalist, progressivist democracy.

    In other words, it's too late to change things by voting.

  3. would they try to do this in a Muslim country ???

    1. Of course not because it would be insensitive. To be more to the point - it would undermine the double standard of respecting Islam while simultaneously disrespecting Christianity that has become the politically correct modus operandi of contemporary Western ideology.

      It doesn't add up when I do the math, but apparently logic is irrelevant here. It's the "new math"...get with the times Sasha. Man, you're such a dusty old-fashioned relic (sarcasm).