Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fr. Thomas Hopko: What Rome has to do

(AFR) - Fr. Thomas Hopko dedicated three episodes of his Speaking the Truth in Love podcast to the discussions about dialogs between the Orthodox and Roman Catholics. As you know, he can go off-script a bit and walk down tangents for a bit before coming back to his topic, but he's a joy to listen to and this is a timely topic.

Talk 1: In light of all of the discussion about the Ecumenical Patriarch meeting with the Pope, Fr. Tom offers some of his experiences with the World Council of Churches.

Talk 2: As promised in his last episode, Fr. Thomas share with us the paper he wrote in 2005 outlining what the Roman Catholic Church would need to do to unite with the Orthodox. He broke it up into two parts and this is part one.

Talk 3: This is part 2 of Fr. Tom's paper on what Orthodoxy would expect from Rome before communion would be restored.


  1. 70 minutes is a lot of time to devote to parts 2 and 3, so if you want to look at the 2005 paper itself, "Roman Presidency and Christian Unity in our Time," here it is:

    Those interested in the relationship between Orthodoxy and Catholicism should look carefully at his bullet list; I personally think it is one of the best of its kind.

    I didn't have time to listen to Fr. Hopko's podcast, so if he says something different than his article in there, please mention it in the comments.

  2. I read over the link theguide42 kindly provided (dont have time to listen to podcast), and as a Catholic I have to say I reject majority of Fr Hopko's requirements, obviously seems the only way "reconciliation" will ever happen will be through outright conversion of one faction to the other.

    Though I suggest he forward his ideas on the reform of papal elections and papal appointments to the Church of Russia since a lot of it is applicable to the Patriarch of Moscow as well.