Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Irenic "Euro Sodom" cross procession to be held in Kyiv

Moscow, June 10 (Interfax) - Orthodox activists will hold the procession with cross in Kiev on June 22.

"Participants in the procession with cross will stand against war in Donbass and Ukraine's integration in alien and hostile to our people western civilization "European Union - Euro Sodom". Ukraine is one of the integral parts that make Orthodox civilization and the Russian world," organizers told Interfax-Religion.

The procession with cross will go from the Kiev Laura of the Caves.

"We invite you to participate personally and invite other activists to take part in the procession with cross dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the beginning of the most terrific and destructive war held by the West against the Russian World. This year the date of its beginning, as in 1941, matches with the Day of All Russian Saints," organizers said.

Participants will conduct a Requiem Liturgy at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and sing acathistus to St.George and St. Alexander of Neva during the procession with cross that is to go along central streets of the Ukrainian capital.


  1. Ukraine is NOT part of the Russian world.

    1. That phrase could translate "Российский мир" -- which Ukraine is objectively not part of, or "Русский мир" -- which at the very least, more than half of Ukraine is not part of, or "Мир Руси" -- which Ukraine definitely is part of.

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    3. too many anti Russian Orthodox people here ... as well as the new age Orthodox converts who have all the answers --

  2. This is the true face of Russia, they abuse the Cross of Christ for their political goals and fight against Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights and International Rights. Moscow lost the great majority of ukrainian faithful