Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Met. Hilarion at Orthodox-Catholic Forum: Uniates at fault

(mospat.ru) - Greetings by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk to the Participants of the 4th European Orthodox-Catholic Forum (Minsk, 2 – 6 June 2014)

Your Eminences and Graces,

Esteemed Fathers and Brothers,

Dear organizers and participants of the conference!

On behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus and myself personally I would like to cordially greet all of the participants of the 4th European Orthodox-Catholic Forum, this year dedicated to the very relevant topic of religion and cultural pluralism: the challenges to the Christian Churches in Europe.

I would like to note with satisfaction that our meetings have become quite regular. The format of interaction decided upon in 2008 has proved to be of use since it allows us to react swiftly to events happening in the world. Previous sessions were devoted to such problems as the family, the Church and state, the economic crisis and poverty.

In the modern-day world there is not only an intensive dialogue of cultures but also cultures penetrate one another. These dynamic processes enable, on the one hand, the formation of a single world commonality, while on the other they enable a new means of examining the unique nature of various cultures.

The demographic situation is changing, and intensive migration continues afoot. The aim of building a tolerant society often leads to the opposite of that of the desired effect. The Christian identity of Europe is under threat. These problems make themselves felt ever more acutely in everyday life and demand a serious theoretical analysis.

However, in the present situation we cannot limit ourselves merely to the discussion of theoretical issues. We have to interact on a practical level too.

Unfortunately, our forum is being held against the background of the sad events in the Ukraine. People are dying during this political stand-off while gunfire can still be heard on the streets and squares. The people remain deeply divided not only according to their political choices but also on religious lines. Sadly, the Greek Catholics have played a very destructive role in allowing this situation to develop. The words of their leading archbishop, hierarchs and clergy and an extremely politicized position have brought about the polarization of society and a worsening of the conflict which has already led to numerous victims.

Unlike the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has been able during these difficult months to unite people of various political persuasions, including those who have found themselves on both sides of the barricades, the Uniates have ostentatiously associated themselves with only one of the belligerent forces. The aggressive words of the Uniates, actions directed at undermining the canonical Orthodox Church, active contacts with schismatics and the striving to divide a single multinational Russian Orthodox Church have caused great damage not only to the Ukraine and her citizens, but also to the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue. All of this has put us back a great distance, reminding us of the times when the Orthodox and Catholics viewed each other not as friends but as rivals.

Today once again it has been all the more obvious what the Orthodox knew – that the Unia was and, unfortunately, remains a special project of the Catholic Church aimed at undermining canonical Orthodoxy. It was here, in the country of Byelorussia, that the notorious ‘the Union of Brest’ of 1596 was concluded and which brought untold suffering to the Orthodox population of these lands.

Allow me to use this platform to appeal to all our partners in the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue to do all that is possible to cool down the ‘hotheads’ among the Uniates, to halt the actions of the Greek Catholics in making the crisis in the Ukraine worse.

Today one part of the Catholic Church is employing all her strength, talents and resources in strengthening Orthodox-Catholic interaction, while another (even though it enjoys autonomous status) is doing everything possible, as in former unfortunate times, to drive the wedge of distrust and enmity between Orthodox and Catholics.

Our Forum, attended by Orthodox and Catholic theologians, is an important arena for both studying those issues that are of common interest and for achieving greater mutual understanding between our Churches.

And I would like very much that our labours bore not only a theoretical nature but also be applied on the practical level in enabling the pacifying of enmity and the strengthening of Orthodox-Catholic interaction before the new challenges that confront us.

I wish you all success in your forthcoming labours.


  1. 'Cause talk like this will really help cool off the hot heads.

    1. Honesty might be difficult for people to deal with but it's never wrong.

    2. What would you prefer he say, Samuel? "Take Ukraine, please! It 's yours!" So the Pope will like him better? And the Uniates are "autonomous?" Nobody's "autonomous" under Rome! They may say they are, but the Pope gives the marching orders. If the Pope wanted the hotheads "cooled down," they'd be cooled, or schooled real quick. In the past couple years, Rome has been asserting the total authority of the Papacy, asserting along with Patriarch Bartholomew neo-Papal powers for Constantinople, so as to get those pesky Autocephalous Churches in line with Rome and C'nople's "program." All that, and the Pope now claims he can't control the "autonomous" Ukrainian uniates?

    3. Methinks the ecumenical doublespeak is evident. The baloney alarms are goin' off!

  2. Of course Patriarch Sviatoslav and those pesky "uniates" have this to say about the Russian Church:

    "The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is not an enemy of the Russian Orthodox Church. We are your brothers; we have been born from the same spiritual womb. From the holy city of Kiev, where our peoples were baptized, we are sending you a message of peace. Do not let politicians provoke hatred and bloodshed among us.”

    Or again when he says of the Russian people:

    “We in Ukraine wish to be good neighbors. Do not attack us. We are not your enemies, and we have no aggressive intentions.”


    Sure sounds like he wants to destroy the Orthodox Church doesn't he?

    1. too bad Sviatoslav's pesky uniate followers didn't hear him while they burned people alive in Odessa ............

    2. I'm glad that you believe the Soviet style Russian propaganda but any objective observer can see they are false.

      What is true is that Greek Catholics and "uncanonical" Orthodox in Crimea and other parts of Eastern Ukraine are fearing for their lives and a few Greek Catholic priests have been jailed and harassed.


    3. So our "soviet" propaganda coming from Russian or Russian orthodox sources is not to be trusted, but your Vatican propaganda is to be trusted? The same Vatican disinformation machine that covered up sex abuse for decades and prints such blatant falsehoods about Ukraine that it's just a joke?

    4. Oh the official Uniate statement compared to what is being said in the churches and more importantly at the maiden square...regarding your Uniate Bishop:

      We used to take sweet counsel together; within God’s house we walked in the throng.

      My companion stretched out his hand against his friends; he violated his covenant. His speech was smooth as butter, yet war was in his heart; his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords. (Psalm 55:14, 20, 21 ESV)

    5. what is sad is we have video proof of what the Ultra Ukrainian Nationalists did. and STILL?? people like Nelson are brainwashed into believing everything the the Russian Orthodox church says is "Soviet style propaganda" ... as to the "New Ukraine" hope Nelson is happy as Kiev had its first gay pride parade .................

  3. Metr. Olexander Drabinsky (UOC-MP)
    "It was generally believed that people in the southeastern regions oppose European integration. However, it became obvious in the past few months that the rumors of 'Soviet mentality' of the southeastern regions are very exaggerated. No matter how much the outside forces want it, it is virtually impossible to divide Ukraine because the separatists are actively supported by a minority even in Donetsk and Lugansk," the metropolitan said in his video blog."

    He said the "Orthodox Militia of Donbass" has "nothing in common" with the Orthodox faith.


    1. This metropolitan you are quoting is notorious and has very questionable motives. Not only has he already been censured, but he absolutely does not speak for the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

  4. Alas, he serves his Soviet masters well...

    1. Evidently you haven't heard. The Soviet Union is no more.

  5. Really Alex? Then read about the panakhyda served in a UOC-MP seminary for those Ukraniian soldiers, patriots and laity who died in Ukraine from modern Moscow military aggression and intervention here on the`seminary's web site: http://www.uuba.org.ua/novini/novini-akademii/liturgijne-zhittya/942-arkhimandryt-viktor-bed-vidsluzhyv-litiiu-za-pomerlymy-prabatkamy-i-polehlymy-v-ukraini-vid-moskovskoi-ahresii