Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On reading this blog, the 2014 update

To make sure this blog is still on the right track - that it is topical and holds interest for readers - I do an annual review of the traffic this blog receives. About half a year has passed since the last review and as this blog just had its two millionth view today, I thought it a good time to do the annual statistical round-up. If you're interested, here's the data.

  • Of traditional readers (people who visit the blog through normal web browsing) the last full month (July) shows 44,000. Total visits since the beginning of the blog is a little over 2 million.
  • Google Friend Connect has reached 287 - up from 272 readers last year.
  • The number one referrer (after removing search engines from the mix) continues to be my good friend at Ad Orientem.
  • Although not much publicized, this blog has a Twitter feed with 1,046 followers, last year's total was 913.
Put together, the data would seem to report that this blog is faring rather well. I am, of course, always happy to receive comments, tweets, or emails on ways this blog could improve.

As you might expect, my years in seminary slowed the blog down a bit and I hope post-seminary posting will show a marked increase in posting frequency and depth.


  1. I was just saying to someone very close to you how much I appreciate your blog. Thank you for your continued postings.

  2. I continue to appreciate the blog and the work that goes into maintaining it. Thank you!