Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Russophobia" and the world stage

Moscow, October 16 (Interfax) - Director of the Human Rights Center at the World Russian People's Council Roman Silantyev urges OSCE to consider the problem of Russophobia.

Meeting with the OSCE officials on tolerance and non-discrimination on Wednesday in Moscow, Silantyev suggested to set up a post of OSCE head representative on the problem of Russphobia, "which is actively instigated in Europe."

He was surprised with the fact that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia were divided in separate sectors and entrusted to different curators while "the only person is charged with a great massive of other problems in this sphere."

Mufti of Moscow, the Central Region and Chuvashia Albir Krganov noted that hatred was instigated not only to Russians, but also to other peoples of Russia, for instance, to Chechens and Tatars. He suggested calling such a personal representative "an expert on defamating peoples of Russia."

Earlier, OSCE chairman appointed three personal representatives on tolerance and non-discrimination: Rabbi Andrew Baker (the USA) - on combating anti-Semitism, Professor Talip Kucukcan (Turkey) - on combating intolerance to Muslims, professor Alexey Avtonomov (Russia) - for combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination and also intolerance to Christians and representatives of other religions.

Personal representatives annually visit OSCE countries-members to analyze the existing problems, defining positive examples and working out recommendations to governments in the field of tolerance and non-discrimination.


  1. I suppose there would be less Russophobia in Russia stopped attacking its neighbours

  2. Specifically in Church terms, the Moscow Patriarchate has managed to upset a lot of its Orthodox brothers and sisters in Western Europe by its aggressive taking over of churches like those in Nice and London (and its failed attempt in Biarritz). Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev should not be surprised if their complaints of "Russophobia" and "discrimination against adherents of the Moscow Patriarchate" fail to elicit any sympathy.