Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Antiochian Village receives accreditation

I've used the Antiochian Village a lot. I used their library in seminary studies, used their facilities to listen to talks, and prayed there numerous times. It's an important place I'm glad to see is getting prepared for even more use. I should add that the staff there is a great group of people.

( - On April 4, 2014, the Antiochian Village received the accreditation of the prestigious Association of Theological Schools in America (ATS), in conjunction with its Doctor of Ministry Program (DMin), offered through the Antiochian House of Studies (AHoS). The DMin program is offered in Academic Partnership with the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

The ATS conducted its accreditation visit on April 3–4, 2014. The visit included meetings with faculty, staff, graduates, and current students of the Eastern Christian Studies program and inspection of all aspects of the facility—the Library, Museum, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Chapel, Food Services, and others. This accreditation means that any and all DMin classes held at the Antiochian Village in the Eastern Christian Studies program are hereby approved by the ATS, and it holds great promise for any new programs which the Antiochian Village may wish to hold in the future.

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  1. Good news. But it is not Antiochian Village that is accredited. The degree is offered by the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary which IS accredited. The news is that courses offered by Antiochian Village in the DMin degree will be counted towards a Pittsburgh Theological Seminary degree accredited by ATS.