Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.
God blessed our family with the birth of a new child in December. I suspect Adam spent somewhat more time naming all the animals, but we haven't arrived at a name quickly for any of our children. After all that time spent in study, the mind continues to cogitate on the topic even after the paperwork is signed. Recently I thought to myself: "Wouldn't people name their children differently if the hospital loaned them iPads with an app on it with a database of name origins?"

You have selected: Chandler

Are you a candlemaker or from a family of candle enthusiasts?

You have selected: Hannibal

Are you a follower of the demonic and nefarious false god Ba'al? Do you believe he imparts grace? If so, this is the name for you. We have scheduled a visit with the chaplain during today's lunch service.

You have selected: Gomer

Buck up. This is a name of Hebrew origin good for both boys and girls and can be denominated with pride. Marine families can also choose this name with impunity. Oorah!

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